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Quindi, questo è come si può dire "Leo" in tedesco.
La parola "Leo" 355 volte è stato cercato.
Fino ad ora, c'è un numero di 6,899,716 parole cercate / espressioni, tra 1,872 di oggi.
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Leo (3/2/2013)
An important decision needs to be made and it is essential that you take your time and get it right. Others may try to browbeat you into seeing things their way but you must stay true to your principles...
Sequestration Cuts Will Impact DNA Sequencing Market: Kalorama Information (3/4/2013)
One of the victims the automatic federal sequestration budget cuts could be the 1.6 billion DNA sequencing market, according to Kalorama Information. The healthcare market research publisher says that ...
Little Mix's Perrie Edwards reveals new dip-dyed pink hair colour! Wonder what Zayn Malik will say about her ditching ... (3/4/2013)
Little Mix star Perrie Edwards dyes her hair pink - for a change!
Nominee tied to 'gifting tables' clears vote (3/2/2013)
HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — A Branford attorney who was a figure in a criminal case involving a pyramid scheme moved closer on Friday to becoming a superior court judge, despite reservations raised by some lawmakers about her representation of some of the participants.
Gaps in available IT skills hurting APAC enterprises (3/1/2013)
CyberTimes Developers Newsletter, sent out to 51043 subscribers on every Thursday, caters to the... More
Splitting up SIU gains momentum (3/5/2013)
SPRINGFIELD – A bid to separate the Carbondale campus of Southern Illinois University from the rest of the SIU system has gained at least one potential ally in the Illinois Senate.
Centenarian Rosa keeps habit of a lifetime and celebrates a day late (3/2/2013)
A centenarian celebrated her 100th birthday a day late, in keeping with a family tradition.
Fifth-grader double winner at Livestock Show (video) (3/2/2013)
You couldn't blame audience members at the Cuero Livestock Show if they thought they were seeing double during the lamb auction Friday night at the Friar Ag Center.
Will Shaadi affect Vidya Balan's career? (3/4/2013)
No, says Ghanchakkar director, as she plays a married woman in his film.
HP sells webOS to LG (3/1/2013)
HP says it is selling its webOS mobile operating system to South Korean consumer electronics titan LG.
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Dizionario Italiano - Tedesco
albanella minore, il fior fiore della società milanese, squillo, acqua, atmosfera, concordato, ablazione, catastrofe, freddo, provvisorio

Dizionario Tedesco - Italiano
konnektor, sich, erwerben, glaskugel, eisenstange, gerste, entschlossenheit, insel, anliegen, abschweifen
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